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Oakville seeks community input for future special events

The town of Oakville is calling on residents to fill out a new survey help shape the future of special events in the community.
41st Midnight Madness Crowd
41st Midnight Madness Crowd

The town of Oakville is calling on residents to "help shape the future of special events in the community" through a new survey and upcoming set of workshops.

These events, which include annual favourites like Family Day, Movies in the Park, Canada Day, and the Oakville Santa Claus Parade, play a big role in promoting community spirit, supporting the local economy, and enhancing the town's vibrancy and livability.

Town staff say they are seeking feedback from the community through the online survey and series of workshops as "part of its initiative to develop a Special Events Plan."

Residents are invited to participate in an anonymous online survey, now open until July 8, 2024. The survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, is meant to gather insights into what the community enjoys about existing events and what new types of events they would like to see in Oakville.

Residents are also invited to share their feedback by participating in any of the following online community workshops:

The town is also reaching out directly to event organizers and vendors for their input. Those who have not been contacted are encouraged to email [email protected] to participate in the feedback process.

"Special events bring significant benefits to our community," says Mayor Rob Burton.

"They not only provide entertainment for residents, but they also encourage community engagement, enhance community pride, support the local economy and contribute to the vibrancy and livability of Oakville. Council and I are looking forward to hearing from the community to help shape how special events are delivered in the town."

To learn more about the development of a special events plan, visit