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Hire a professional painter to avoid poor DIY results

BW Painting offers fast, professional residential painting service

Maybe springtime has got you thinking about a rainbow of fresh new colours.

Maybe working from home has you tired of staring at the same old colour walls. Or perhaps you’re thinking of selling and hoping to make your interior more presentable. In any case, something has got you thinking about painting your home. As an independent painter with nearly 30 years of professional experience in the trade, Barrie Wyatt has one suggestion for you: don’t do it yourself.

There are very few residential property owners who feel they have the necessary skills to take on electrical or plumbing DIY projects, and yet many of those same individuals who have never held a paint brush suddenly feel qualified to paint an entire house from floor to ceiling. The truth is, painting is a skilled trade – officially, “Painter and Decorator” is this trade’s official Red Seal occupational title approved by the CCDA. This standard covers tasks performed by painters and decorators. What it indicates is that a skilled painter is someone who has a trade and a level of professionalism you don’t get simply by putting on your painter pants and popping open a can of eggshell white.

“The company was started by my father and I in 1997 and I’ve been a professional painter since then,” said Wyatt, who took over BW Painting as a sole proprietor when his father Bernie Wyatt retired. “I don’t hire anyone to do the jobs. I do the work myself.”

Watching a pro painter cut an edge along a wall and ceiling is a thing of beauty, and it’s a skill that separates an eager but misguided DIY homeowner from a professional. While most of his calls are from people who see the value in hiring a skilled tradesperson, Wyatt often gets calls from people hoping he can rescue them from their failed effort to paint their home themselves.

“I recently had a call from a good friend who asked if I was busy at the moment,” said Wyatt, whose primary service area is in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville corridor. “The friend and her mom had decided to try and paint their house. They had only gotten as far as a couple paint strokes before realizing they had taken on too much.”

Avoiding self-inflicted disasters is one of the main reasons to hire a professional painter. Wyatt prides himself in customer service, always calling customers back in quick fashion to determine customer need. On site, he makes sure the job is conducted in a manner that doesn’t inconvenience the customer.

“I bring all the necessary drop sheets to make sure it gets done in a clean fashion,” said Wyatt. “Everything is done in a professional manner.”

Rather than buying your paint from a jack-of-all-trades working a paint counter in a big box store, Wyatt can help you determine the best paint for the job. He works locally with two preferred local paint suppliers – Painter’s Place Benjamin Moore and Burlington Paint on Fairview – to ensure you get the highest grade paints for the job.

To receive a quote for your painting needs, Wyatt prefers to come take a look at the job prior to determining price.

“I have to see things. I have to see what colours are on the walls. Perhaps the walls need to be primed first, or there could be a lot of holes that need to be fixed. It’s hard to give a quote over the phone.”

To reach Wyatt, call 905 319-2777. Or email BW Painting at [email protected].